Why I am sharing…

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My Mum asked me recently, “Is writing all this & baring your soul publicly  helping you on this journey to recovery?”

My answer was a theoretical “yes”… though my explanation is more an instinct than scientific in nature.

Five thoughts on why being vulnerable and sharing with each other is important:

a) “Faking it till I Make it”  – perhaps I can speak internal change into being … proclaim to attain!

b) Encouraging a deep dive and exploration into my underlying issues/mindsets

c) Exposing those mindsets and core issues and by shining light, removing the power of the hidden/darkness

d) Accountability. I think part of deciding to post about all of this  now, is so that I am making myself accountable to changing. There is nowhere to hide now …

e) Only by sharing can we build a community for consensus and change.


Even in my small circle of “Friends”/”Followers”,  there have been quite a few who have responded to say how much they can relate or similar things they have/continue to struggle with … and I genuinely think that for too long there has been shame or fear surrounding actually admitting weakness, vulnerability or struggle. Or women, in particular, just accepting that this is what we have to put up with and strive towards our whole lives … and it is not actually true. And the only way that things will change, is by people rejecting the accepted ‘norms’.


I’m sure all of this makes some people uncomfortable. I’m sure some are thinking I’m “over-sharing”. To those people, I’d say, feel free to scroll on by  🙂


2 thoughts on “Why I am sharing…

  1. Wow you write so transparently and earnestly MEL, it’s a priviledge for me to read your blog. I’m sure there are many hundreds who totally identify with your journey. My own weight management, weight stress journey is similar but also different. Caloric control improves self confidence…for a few days and then it becomes a spiral of delight and loathe…i agree; call out the best version of yourself. Healthy eating, preferred nutrient options and positive body image all begins in the mind. And it’s a constant education. The more we know what drives and dictates our urge to eat and indulge in certain foods the better. Mindfulness, moderation and healthy respect for food selection and portion sizes helped me, but I still learning. One thing I know is that food is mood and I have so much to learn about how my body responds to certain foods especially as I’m aging. 💕M

    • Thanks for reading and for this. It is such an individual journey or each person, but I think for us women, there is certainly a heck of a lot that we all have in common in our struggles in this regard (symptomatic of the very convincing false constructions created by the world’s culture and ideologies). Certainly both learning and seeking to have our minds renewed and eyes opened to truth is key … but can be easier said that done 🙂

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