Nosh for Everyday Nourishment & Vitality


My little green spatula. I use it everyday. It has been a faithful companion on my food journey so far … especially when it comes time to lick the bowl!

On this blog, I hope you will find simple and interesting recipes (and the odd bit of advice) that spark the imagination, tantilise the taste-buds and nourish the body.

I’m all about making simple changes towards a healthier lifestyle. I love to learn about holistic health principles that can assist me in living life with balance and vitality … and I love sharing this with others when I can!

Some of the foodies/nutritionists I take inspiration from include Sarah Wilson (I Quit Sugar), Dr Libby Weaver and Pete Evans. Also, closer to home, I love the sound evidence-based advice and recipes from Mikki Williden and Michelle Yandle! What I love about their food philosophies is that it is about a identifying food and lifestyle choices that nourish each individual, not buying into the latest fad or set of diet rules. An intuitive not restrictive approach to eating is my ultimate goal. For me, nourishing food is part of my goal to live a fulfilling and balanced life (spiritual, emotionally and physically). I’m far from perfect and still learning … but it’s fun!

Wherever possible I avoid using sugars (in particular, fructose) and refined grains in my cooking. I don’t avoid dairy all together – but I’ll often offer dairy alternatives in my recipes as I know it doesn’t agree with everyone.  Generally I  personally follow the “Low Carb, Healthy Fat” approach, but again, part of my journey is learning to tune in to what my body needs in a given day, season or situation, not rigidly sticking to a set of rules.  There continues to be SO MUCH information out there and much of it is contradictory. It can be hard to wade through the propaganda from the food conglomerates and drug companies. All I can do is take it step by step and focus on finding what works for  me and hopefully provide at least some inspiration for you to do the same. Some things will begin to make sense, and in the words of Michelle Yandle:

Perfection enemy of progress

Ultimately, I have come to the realisation that it isn’t about following one approach over another (Paleo vs. Vegan, Ketogenic vs. High Protein) ... it is about discovering which food approach works for you, because we are all unique and have a unique genetic make-up.

Fermented foods are also something that I try to include in my daily eating in some form because of all the benefits they offer.  Gut health is something modern/Western medicine seemed to forget about for a while ... but the foundational significance of gut flora and bacteria has experienced a resurgence and there is a lot of research (and products) available that demonstrates its connection to healing or improving many conditions – including autoimmune diseases, ADHD etc. So far kefir (kefir soda, milk kefir and coconut cream kefir), kombucha, sauerkraut and fermented vegetables are ‘home brews’ that I’ve dabbled in and incorporated into my diet. But I don’t always have time to make my own and there are loads of great options in the supermarket these days!apron

If this blog helps people take even a little step towards incorporating healthier cooking and eating into their lifestyle, then my job here is done.

To get straight into the food – head to Recipes. 

About Me

I “quit sugar” (refined sugar at least) in 2015 – and I’ve never felt better.  Although I was diligent and disciplined with exercise, my eating habits were
like a roller-coaster. Diet one week, binge-eat the next. I was lacking in energy, gaining weight and feeling awful. I wasn’t happy with how I was looking or feeling and I began reading Sarah Wilson’s I Quit Sugar website. After a couple of false starts, I ‘Quit Sugar’ and began to change my ‘food lifestyle’. My journey has been evolutionary. I started small and continued to make changes as and when I felt I could…. and as I learnt more about nutrition, cooking with alternative ingredients, and what foods agreed with me.

Switching from a high sugar diet to a low sugar, healthy fat diet approach with loads of fresh and whole vegetables was initially a challenge, but now it is just a way of life. I’ve always had a sweet tooth – and still do! But in a different way now… food filled with nasty white sugar and fructose-filled syrups is too sweet for me now. But give me some chocolate avocado mousse or sugar-free carrot cake with natural cream cheese icing … and I’m in heaven!

I’ve found that over time it has become easier and easier to think of alternative ways of doing things… it is an opportunity to be creative in the kitchen!

I’ve also found that one can get to caught up in all this “healthy” “clean” eating stuff and it can end up having a negative impact on your health! Too much focus on achieving weight loss and body ideals had me feeling good, but hormonally out of whack and my body stopped functioning properly. So balance not restriction is now the name of the game and at the core of my food learning journey. To read my full story and learning process regarding the anti diet movement, body positivity and recovery from restrictive and disordered eating, find the “My Journey” section in the blog menu. 

Feel free to send any of your favourite recipes, thoughts, comments or stories to:

5 thoughts on “Nosh for Everyday Nourishment & Vitality

  1. Who would have thought you could feast on such delicious sweet treats & baking and not have those old familiar ‘guilt pains’ come crashing in afterward – fantastic blog Mel – I’m a believer!…

  2. Hi Mel! I’m going to try baking your raspberry brownie cake and wondered if all of the ingredients you mention are available at the supermarket, or if I’ll need to go to a specialty store?

    • Yes these days you should be able to find all the ingredients at the supermarket (especially New World). Bin Inn’s are also good if there is one near you. For example, the Bin Inn in Orewa has rice malt syrup, but it also had Glucose (cheaper option – more refined but still fructose free) in the bins. It also has Tapioca Flour in the bins … Let me know if you get stuck finding anything.

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