These are snapshots of my musings (and sharing via instagram) over the first ten days of my exploration of body positivity, anti-diet and the health at every size movement.

Weight Loss

I AM ANGRY. I am ANGRY at the constant & still so pervasive mainstream messaging that equates weight-loss with being healthier, happier or better.

It is a message that I, like so many of you, have bought into and I continue to struggle with changing this mind-set.

WARNING (truth-telling rant to follow):

Along with my initial interest in holistic health, nutrition & healthier cooking, I began to also develop very restrictive mindsets and habits regarding my eating. This along with other things also compounded (and exposed) insecurities I had with body image. Restrictive and obsessively ‘healthy’ (and imbalanced) eating, along with excessive exercising resulted in weight-loss yes … but health? No. It wasn’t good for my mental or physical health. My body protested at being at a lower weight … a weight that was closer to what we are told we “should be” … but this is not always what is healthy! Over the next little while, I am personally going on a bit of a journey to try to attain some lasting change in my own mindsets in this area and will try to post regular little highlights from this on here … If you are also sick of buying into the fake realities perpetuated by social media, TV/movies and even just the language so often used around health, weight and fitness, then I invite you to join me in the journey and dialogue!


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Body Positivity

I decided recently to begin pairing my love of food and recipe creation with an exploration of my mindsets and hang-ups around food, diet and more broadly speaking, weight, fat and “health”. I again found myself sliding into a pattern of restriction and disordered eating, and after reading “Brave” by Rose McGowan, caught her anger for the system that successfully sucks us into its cult of conformity.

Screen Shot 2018-09-29 at 10.08.03 PM

Because this is close to my heart, I really wanted to invite others to come with me on this journey as I consider, explore and critically examine what it truly means to be “healthy” and whether there is a valid basis for the beliefs that we currently hold.
For too long, most of us have allowed the media (yawn), the government and health professional determine and define what health should mean for us. Often, this relies on us coming a way with a feeling that we are somehow “less than” we should be, and embarking on a quest of self-improvement through the latest diet, fitness trend or other “magic pill”. But all of this is resulting in us forgetting that every person is physically, mentally and emotionally unique and special, and therefore “health” looks differently for all of us.


have swung from extremes over the last 5 years. From binge-eating, to very disciplined restrictive eating and back again. I have lost the ability to listen to and tune into my bodies natural hunger signals and I have punished myself through exercise, all in an effort to achieve some picture of “health” and the “ideal body” that for a long-time I just accepted as correct. I still believe in pursuing good health, nourishment and vitality, but my definition of this is changing. It isn’t about “righteous” and “naughty” foods. It isn’t about following strict dietary rules and patting yourself on the back when you are successful, and self-flagellating when you’re not. It is about coming to a place of appreciation for what it is doing for your each and everyday, and accepting – even loving – it, whatever shape it may take.

Health is contentment and happiness because your soul sings, your spirit is fulfilled and your heart is free to express the creativity uniquely encoded into the fabric of who you are.